The Wildlife Preserve is an outdoor film series taking place in the parking lot of Lyndell's Bakery (Central Square) every Monday from July 11th through September 26th.

$5 Suggested Donation.

More series and institutions to check out:
Film Society
Lucy Parsons Radical Movie Nights
UPandOUT series

July 11 - Supercops - 70's buddy cop feature from the director of Shaft - not available on video

July 18 - Vision Blast II - short films and videos from Boston, Pittsburgh, and beyond - curated by Tara and Gordon Nelson

July 25 - Distilled Motion II - short film works made using a frame-by-frame approach - curated by Mariya Nikiforova and Stefan Grabowski

Aug. 1 - Film As Magic: 10 short films by Georges Méliès (from 1902-1912) - film effects pioneer

Aug. 8 - A Night of Local Non-Fiction film - documentary shorts - curated by Shannon Carroll

Aug. 15 - Zampano's Playhouse - obscure and outdated educational films, industrial films, and other oddities

Aug. 22 - Architecture of the Sun / Greg Kowalski & Ai Isshiki - live film / live video projections and live music

Aug.29 - Short and Sweet - local video shorts - programmed by Katrine Burkitt

Sept. 5 - Zampano's Playhouse - Labor Day

Sept. 12 - Ciclovida - A Brazilian documentary about a group of subsistence farmers from Brazil who bicycle over 6,000 miles across the South American continent in search of natural seeds. Played on a bicycle-powered projector.

Sept. 19 - Works by Handcranked Film - Independent works programmed by the Waltham-based film collective

Sept. 26 - The Electric Grandmother, w/ the Great Bubble Conspiracy - 80s TV movie about a family whose recently deceased mother is replaced by a robot / 70s "satire of man's intolerance" taking place in a society where blowing bubbles is outlawed.